The Vinyl Flooring Design

Vinyl flooring is available in variety of designs from traditional to contemporary style. You can choose from the number of options available that goes best with your interior. Korea vinyl flooring and Belgium vinyl flooring designs are also available for variation. Moreover, now you can also get vinyl flooring similar to the feel and look of wooden floor. This has become possible because of the latest printing technology.

If you are fan of traditional designs, then our Oak vinyl flooring is the one you should look for. It has a rustic look that compliments most types of decors and furnishings. If you are more inclined towards fancy flooring (bright and light textures), then you should go for Pine vinyl flooring. It has a neutral colour and pleasant finish that will make your home or office look complete. We also have the Walnut vinyl flooring for those who prefer darker and richer colours. It has exuberant dark tones and textures that will add elegance and class to the interior.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

  • It is the best value for money option available in market today.
  • Along with the vinyl flooring price that suits your pocket, it is quite durable too.
  • This flooring is soft to touch. This makes it perfect to walk on (even with bare foot).
  • You get wide range of design options including wooden texture.
  • It provides quick installation and easy for maintaining too.

Vinyl floors are best for places where you expect least foot traffic (like bedrooms). Also make sure that you do not move furniture regularly. This is because it gets scratches, dents, and stains. Yet the water-resistant and sound insulating properties compensates all those drawbacks. Also, it is also durable and budget-friendly option. All these factors will save you lot of trouble in the future 10-15 years. You only have to make sure that you maintain these flooring properly.

5mm vinyl flooring has become one of the most famous options in the Singapore market. So, if you are planning to get your flooring done, hop on this affordable waterproof vinyl plank flooring option. You can buy it from Vinyl Flooring Singapore, as it is one of the best vinyl flooring suppliers. Here you can find quality vinyl tiles, sheets and planks, and that too at reasonable prices.

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