Vinyl Flooring For You Home

Flooring is the most underrated decor item. People tend to ignore importance of durable and economic flooring, which affects in the long run. To save yourself from such situation, make wise decision and choose vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is the latest addition to the furnishing market. It has climbed the ladder of fame in very short period of time. And this is purely because of its amazing looks, durability and affordable pricing.

What Are Vinyl Flooring?
This is the smartest and latest flooring option in the market. It is manufactured from PVC (polyvinyl chloride- a type of plastic). PVC is a very versatile material. Many day-to-day products such as electric cables, handbags, furniture, and clothing are made from it. This material is extensively used because of its durable reputation. And this quality makes vinyl flooring a high-value product. Besides, vinyl flooring is 100% water-resistant increasing its market value even further.

Types Of Flooring
There are two main types of Vinyl flooring i.e. tiles and sheets. Most people choose tiles to make the flooring look like a wooden or ceramic tiled floor. But, vinyl sheet flooring remains an affordable option when compared to vinyl tile.

Vinyl flooring comes in different grades for varying applications. You should go for residential grade vinyl while using at home where foot traffic is moderate. For malls or shops, you need to choose commercial grade vinyl flooring as the foot traffic is high.

Highly Durable
Vinyl flooring is made from PVC, which makes it quite durable. These flooring do not beat marble or tiles, but are durable enough to sustain at least 10 to 15 years.

Easy & Quick Installation
Vinyl flooring comes with ‘the click and lock’ feature for installation process. The Vinyl Click Flooring comes in planks form, which helps in easy and quick installation. You do not have to use adhesives while installation. This also makes it a healthy option, as no chemicals or harmful fumes will be emitted in the future. Besides you can walk over these floors without any waiting period after installation.

Ease Of Maintenance
No one likes to spend most of his/her precious time and money on flooring maintenance. This is yet another reason for choosing Vinyl planks. This flooring saves time and money in long run as they are very easy to clean and maintain on regular basis. Moreover, it is a better option when compared to wooden floors, especially because of no termites anymore.

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